Anchent Greece

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Anchent Greece

Sparta: When a baby is born the city-state looks to see if it is fit to live in the city. If not they would put them on a mountain side. If they are fit the parents will keep them and raise them strong and helthy. The boys that survived childhood would go to a special training camp that there would live there till there were 18.At age 1 they would have to survive in the wilderness for a year the ones that didn't survive were not fit to live in sparta. At age 18 they would join the reagular army and live in barracks ontill they were 30. At age 30 they could go home but still had to serve till they were 60. Weman had one role stay fit and have fit children.

Peloponnesian war .

The Pelopennesian war was after Athens Golden Age. It was Pelopennisain league vs the Delion league. Sparta had Driven Athens and the Delion league into there city were they were safe due the fact the had 30 feet tall and 16 feet wide walls sorrounding there great city. They only way to get food was there huge navy and trade because Sparta didn't have a navy so this was possiable and there walls went all the way to there harbor. Then they got a plauge and then Sparta made a deal with Persia and got a navy and made Athens Surronder.

Persian War

The Persain's were coming to grece to take over, epecilly athens. So for the first time in greek history greece united. Sparta held the land while Athens held the sea. When Presia found a secret path due to a Greek trator they defeted Sparta and destroyed Athens. Athens and a few other city-states feld to the island of Crete where they defeted Persia on sea .

Anchent Greece

Spartan Life

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Atheian Life

Athens: When you are a child your father choses if you can live or get abondoned behind the city walls. If you live then you get rasied in a well rounded comunity and boys go to school and girls learn from there mother. When a girl is 13 she can marry. When men turn age 20 they have to spend 2 years in military training. Men and Woman are very well rounded. Women can't leave the house without a male companian. Athens had a great navy. When Athen defeted XerXes navy and the war it went into a "Golden Age". After that Greece became a unified contary.


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