Anastasia Romanov

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Anastasia Romanov

World War IWhen Anastasia heard about the war, she was devestated. Her house became a shelter for the injured. Although it was tough, she was a brave and caring little girl as she read, entertained, and even wrote to the love ones of the injured. Anastasia was always helpful when tending to others.

Anastasia Romanov(Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova)

Early yearsAnastasia was a feisty child. Her childhood years consisted of fooling around with her siblings, climbing trees and playing playful tricks. She was a tomboy but still loved knitting and bow tying with her many sisters.


Nicholas II & Alexandra, their children- Anastasia, Olga, Maria, Tatiana, and Aleksey

DeathAnastasia was 17 when she died(1901 – 1918). Along with her family, they were under home arrest and then executed in a cellar. The family had no suspisions while travelling to the cellar, but they were then shot to death, some even beaten.


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