Analyzing Students' Reading PD

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Analyzing Students' Reading PD


Analyzing Students' Reading PDBy Catherine MoriartyClick on the audio button to learn more information about the PD!

If you would like to learn more about running records, miscue analysis, and/or ongoing assessments in action, click on the book to read the Ongoing assessment for reading article by Jeanne Gunther

PD Outline1. SmartBoard Notebook Presentation* Coding students' reading behaviors* Analyzing students' reading by using MSV* Reading Diagnosis - Qualitative or Quantitative? by Yetta M. Goodman (click the attachment button to view the article)2. Practice analyzing students' reading by using MSV with the BAS3. "After teachers have analyzed a student's miscues with MSV, what are the next steps?"4. Practice looking for patterns with grade level teams with the BAS5. How to get to know your students as readers in your classrooms

The Three Cueing Systems

Coding and Scoring Miscues

What do I want my partcipants to walk away with after the PD?I want my participants to understand how important it is to analyze students' reading. It not only provides teachers with the number of miscues, but it also allows teachers to understand students' reading processes; their strengths and weaknesses in reading. Teachers can take that information, and use it to develop instruction to benefit their students' reading progress.


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