An Introduction to Anansi

by btracyh
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An Introduction to Anansi

Anansi is a trickster. He plays tricks and doesn't follow normal rules and proper behavior. Sometimes he is called Kwaku Ananse. In the Southern United States his name has evolved to Aunt Nancy.Do they sound alike to you?

Here are just a few pictures of Anansi.How are they all alike? And how are the different? What do the different designs mean? How would you draw Anansi? Send us your pictures.

The stories were made up and told from down from generation to generation until they were finally written down.Anansi is a synonym, or means about the same thing skill and wisdom in speech.Anansi was spread through the world throuth the Atlantic slave trade. For that reason he is also known as a symbol of slave resistance and survival.Anansi uses cunning and trickery to out-smart his foes much as the slaves had to do on the plantations.It is thought that these tales helped slaves build a sense of continuity with their African past. They also offered them the means to assert their identity within the boundaries of captivity.

Okay!So let's see some of these stories!

Who is Anansi and why are his stories so important to the African Culture? How did Anansi get to the United States! You will find only a few of his stories here but there are many online. Which one is your favorite? What did Anansi do that was tricky. Have a go at writing your own Anansi story and share it with us.

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