An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls

A play in 3 Acts.The play is set is the dining room of the home of Birling family who live in Brumley, England.Mr Birling is a factory owner. His daughter Sheila is getting engaged to Gerald Croft and the family are having a celebration dinner.The dinner is interrupted by a knock on the door - an inspector tells them that a young woman has comitted suicide and that he wants to question them.

There are 7 characters: 1. Mr Birling, factory owner, proud, selfish.2. Mrs Birling, snob, cold, patronising, prejudiced.3. their son, Eric, shy, awkward, a drunk.4. their daughter Sheila, pretty, perceptive, compassionate.5. Gerald Croft, aristocrat ' a dandy6. the maid, Edna7. the Inspector, mysterious authority figure.

Another character is introduced, Eva Smith, but we do not see her.She is also is known as Daisy Renton.

An Inspector Calls

by JB Priestley

1. Collective responsibility:'... each of you helped to kill her.'2. Class differences: upper class Birlings ' Crofts and the lower class workers3. Gender/Sex differentiation: women treated differently to men4. Age: young generation versus the older generation.

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