An Elephant In The Garden

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An Elephant In The Garden

No matter what happens, stick together and fight through it.

Their hometown city of Dresden suddenly gets attacked by bombs and planes. Having to leave their burning city behind, they run away only seeing giant puffs of smoke rise to the clouds. To add to the horrible tragedy, they had to walk for hours and miles trying to find safe shelter.

An Elephant In The Garden By: Michael Morpurgo

"We stood there onthat bleak hillside, quite unable to take our eyes off the huge fireball that was rising now over the city. No words could speak our horror, no tears could cry our sorrow."

Karl's mom works at an old people's nursing home, and on the days where there is no one to watch Karl, he stays at the nursing home. There is one patient named Elizabeth, or Lizzie for short. When Lizzie learns that Karl and her little brother have alike names and are almost alike as well, she gets excited. She starts to tell them the story about when she was a younger girl, her hometown city got bombed and they had to find new and safe shelter, but with an elephant. They had an elephant because her mom, who she calls Mutti, works at the local zoo and was responsible for taking care of the zoo's baby elephant, Marlene. She also talks about how they survived and got through the horrible tragedy. She tells the story all while laying in her bed in the nursing home.




The quote was trying to explain how they felt about the tragedy. You could tell that they were in shock, but still had a lot of pain. They just didn't know how to feel at the moment.

Lizzie tells her story while laying in her bed at the nursing home. Her hometown city growing up was Dresden, Germany. They lived in quite a big house with a beautiful garden. "Dresden was a wonderful city, beautiful too", Lizzie had said. There was a lake that Lizzie and her father would go out to and fish at. Sometimes they would down to her Uncle Manfred's farm and play with the animals, or go biking down the long road.




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