An American is an Individual

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An American is an Individual


By TylerCurran

An American is an individual.

After reading through the material, the authors seem to have one common theme:Individualism.

The Devil and Tom Walkerby Washington Irving

The individual is focused on and praised highly within this passage.

"And, lost each human trace, surrendering up thine individual being, shalt thou go to mix for ever with the element."

Thanatopsisby William Cullen Bryant

Irving specifically portrays Tom as an individual--someone who makes his own path in life and make personal decisions that affect his lifestyle and afterlife.

Longfellow purposely makes Revere a common man who seperates himself with his cleverness and courage. Individualism is also shown when the friend climbs the tower and feels seperated from the citizens he is trying to save.

Paul Revere's Rideby Henry Longfellow

Individualism is shown throughout the story in the fact that the madness of the Usher family is partly due to the incest and neglect to branch off into the unknown.

Individuality is shown through Life on the Mississippi by the the self-invention of the boy and his dreams.

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

Emerson is practically the founder of individualism. Self-Reliance is filled with it. He believes that if you are not different from the majority than you cannot produce new ideas.

Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Envy is ignorance, Imitation is Suicide.”

In The Law of Life the main character accepted his fate and his cruel death. Accepting this shows his independence.

The Law of Life by Jack London

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