Amy-The Smile

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Amy-The Smile

Leanardo da Vinci's Mona LisaGuiliano wanted to forever capture my smile.

Will the love last? Will Gulilano de Medici ever come back?

The Smile By Donna Jo Napoli

The horse that killed my mother. I still grieve.

Florence's church! Guiliano de Medici's brother is the priest. I hope it will stay that way. I hear that the Medici's may be abandoned from Florence. There are many arguments. Savonarola, a monk is getting everyone riled up.

My many studies on the manners of Florence, oh, I hate to learn these things. They make my brain hurt. Why must I learn to gamble.

The note that tore my heart apart. Guiliano betrayed me. He didn't even want to try to be with me. He made the decision himself. I burn his note. he didn't even try to ask my opinion.

The map of my country,the year of 1490!

The city I now live in. Sadly to say Guiliano does not. His brother's were abandoned from the city and he went with them, oh, how he is loyal to his brothers.

Recipe for Acceptance:The acceptance I had to go through, 1. My mother's death2. Guiliano's betrayal3. My father's new wife, my stepmother4. The Medici's leaving, abandoned from Florence5. My husband marriage proposalWhat you will need:An amount of grief- you decide on the amount1 cup of forgiveness1 cup of understanding

WANTED Giuliano de Mecidi- brown hair, curly near the ears- a little shy and mellow- Elisibetta loves him- calls Elisibetta Mona Lisa- a friend of Leonardo de Vinci's- loyal to his brothers- a Mecidi!- tall, strong man

Here is the map of my country in 1940.

What happen's next?Will it be a love story?Will there be a happy ending?

By Amy Ma


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