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Amy Tan

Who is Amy Tan?

Amy Tan

In 1989, in an effort to find the meaning of her life, Tan started writing. Through trial, error, and rewrites, Tan’s first and most celebrated novel, “The Joy Luck Club” was born (Amy Tan – The Biography, 2015). Growing up, Tan’s family belonged to a social club of the same name. Members tried their luck at the American dream playing the stock market. The real life Joy Luck Club inspired the fictional one where four Chinese American immigrant mothers and their daughters play mahjong for money while telling their stories. "The Joy Luck Club," along with most of Tan’s other writing, was inspired by her experiences. "Joy Luck Club" would eventually be adapted into an award winning movie and play .

Amy Tan is a Chinese American author and philanthropist. The inpiration for her writing, including her most famous novel, "The Joy Luck Club", comes from her experience as a Chinese immigrant and daughter.

-Novels -The Joy Luck Club *Also award winning film -The Kitchen God's Wife -The Hundred Secret Senses -The Bonesetter's Daughter -Saving Fish From Drowning -Children's Books -The Moon Lady -Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat *Adapted into animated cartoon-Non Fiction Essays

Amy Tan and her loved ones have been affected by great diversity. Instead of letting disease and illness overcome her, Tan has had a hand in advocating and creating literature to support every cause that has greatly affected her: Kidney DiseaseDevelopmental DiasabilitiesHearing LossLyme DiseaseEpilepsyDepressionAccessible Housing

The Joy Luck Club

Famous For:


“If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.”-"The Kitchen God's Wife"

Much of her fundraising came from her band of famous misfits:The Rock Bottom Remainders


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