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amy lowell

Birth: Feb. 9th, 1874Death: May 12th, 1925

Amy LowellBy: Tori FloydBlock: 1

Her life is reflected in her work by how she travels a lot to different places with her family.

Amy is a free style writer.

SEA SHELLSea Shell, Sea Shell, Sing me a song, O Please!A song of ships, and sailor men, And parrots, and tropical trees,Of islands lost in the Spanish MainWhich no man ever may find again,Of fishes and corals under the waves,And seahorses stabled in great green caves.Sea Shell, Sea Shell,Sing of the things you know so well.

Some common themes are fairytales, the beach, flowers, and a lot of very girly stuff. When she writes she loves to use her imagination and write about what she thinks and knows.

I choose sea shells because in her poem, Sea Shell, she talks about the beach and underwater life of the ocean.

1. went to a private school in Boston2. had five jobs3. was a critic4. wrote books about other people5. her personality was strong and she used extreme language6. had a brother named Percival7. was very wealthy8. was privately educated9. her brother was an astronomer10. she never went to college because her family thought it wasn't proper for a woman to go.


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