Amur Leopard

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Amur Leopard

Native or Non-Native Species: NativeHabitat: Forest, MountiansReason for Endangerment: poached for furArea Occupied:North-Eastern China ,Russian far East

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus orientalisCommon Name: Amur LeopardFamily: Felidea

Why you chose endangered organism: because I wouldn’t think that such a fierce predator such as a leopard would become extinct What ecological role does it play in the environment: important economically, ecologically and culturally to the surrounding areas, also preys on deer Why you want to save it from extinction: because there are only 30 Leopards left, and because of it’s overall significance to the society surrounding itCurrent preservation efforts: WWF monitors it’s population and habitat, camera traps for observing, increasing areas of protected land, reducing illegal logging, Idea of possible solutions: place the leopards in a special environment where poachers can’t approach the Leopards

Amur Leopard


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