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Interesting Facts-Amphibian means ''double life'' because they live part on land and part in the water-There are between 5,000 and 6,000 species of known amphibians alive today-The first amphibians appeared about 370 million years ago-Amphibians were the first four-limbed vertebrates-The largest amphibian is the Chinese giant salamander which can grow up to 6 ft long


How does it move-Frogs leap for long distances because they have long legs-Toads move with a slow walk or short jump-Salamanders & newts swim by flopping their tail back and forth-Salamanders & newts also walk using muscular legs-Caecilians squirm on and in the ground using muscles

Common Characteristics-Amphibians live part of their life in water and part on land-Amphibians are ectotherms so their body temperature depends on their environment temperature-Amphibians lay eggs in water-Amphibians have thin skin which is how they get water-Amphibians also have three-chambered hearts

Kinds of Animals-Caecilians-Salamanders-Newts-Toads-Frogs

Reproduction-Babies hatch from eggs-The female lays her eggs in water while the male releases sperm to fertilize the eggs-Young will survive on own after being hatched-Eggs are protected by a jelly-like substance-Amphibians usually lay t6heir eggs in fresh water

How Does it Get Food-Caecilians eat earthworms-Some of them get their food through the water-Large salamanders eat small vertebrates like birds and mammals-They find their prey by sight and smell



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