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A poison dart frog has many magnificent colors and features. It has many spots and designs. A dart frog is 1.5cm in adult form. some grow to be 6cm. They weigh 1oz. If you touch one it could be fatal. It could cause serious swelling  and nausea . They shoot batachotoxin from there skin. A dart frogs teeth are small and it only has two teeth. The teeth are mainly made for eating not defence.

A dart frog is a carnivorous animal that survive on mostly meat. They shoot out there long sticky tongue to catch flies, ants, insects, spiders and termites. They also eat fruit flies. Scientists think they are toxic because of what they eat. They think tiny beetles are the cause of dart frogs poison.

The dart frog is earth's most toxic species. The golden dart frog can eject enough poison to kill 20 000 mice. The colours on there body are not just for decoration, they show other animals " i'm toxic do not eat me"

Characteristics of  Amphibians

Other Interesting Facts



Dart frogs live in rainforest habitats in Central and South America. They can be found in trees, as well as under logs, leaves and rocks. Because of there size they are hard to see. Poison dart frogs are endangered. The blue dart frog is at high risk. Dart frogs get there name as hunters would put the frogs poison on the dart and shoot them. They live in saltwater


All amphibians absorb water and undergo gas exchange through their skin. Amphibians are cold blooded that derive heat from outside. The body temperature of amphibians depends on outside surroundings. The amphibians are very active in warm environments and are inactive in cold temperature. Amphibians are off springs. They spend there lives in water and land. 60 million years ago amphibians were the dominant terrestrial animals on earth. They breathe through there skin. They began there lives in water with gills and tails. They develop lungs and legs through time.



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