Amos N' Andy

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Amos N' Andy

Amos N' Andy is an american sitcom, which was orginally produced as a radio show and was adapted for TV afterwards.

Basic Information

TV: First aired 1951 on CBS.

Amos N' Andy

Name: Daniel Rottlaender Date: 01/10/2014

Amos Jones - Alvin ChildressAndy - Spencer WilliamsKingfish - Tim MooreSapphire Stevens - Ernestine WadeRamona Smith - Amanda RandolphMadame Queen - Lillian RandolphAlgonquin J. Calhoun - Johnny LeeLightning - Nick Stewart


Only show in the the first half of the 20th century which featured black actors.Caused many controversials in african-american communities.

Specific Information

Radio: First Aired March 19th, 1928 on WMAQ in Chicago.

Differences Radio/TV



1. TV adaption was named "The Amos N' Andy Show".2. White actors were infrequented in TV adaption.3. The classic theme was "The Perfect Song" but in the TV Series the theme was "Angel's Serenade".

The stories mostly centered on Kingfish's plans to get rich and the charackters of Amos and Andy. Amos was honest, hrd-working and (after his mrriage) a family man. Andy was more blustering, with overinflated self-confidence and big dreams. Both went to Chicago in order to find a better life with $24 and and four ham-cheese sandwiches.

Amos N' Andy was the most popular radio show in the 1920's and 30's. Although the show represented racial values and caused a lot of controversials, it was very successful. Also, aferican-americans liked to watch the show since it was one of the rare presentation of african-american culturen in mass media.

1930's drawing of Amos N' Andy



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