Among the hidden

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Among the hidden


Deador AliveReward$25,000

The second day Luke went over to Jens house. He found Jen on the computer talking to other shadow children. Their code to get into the chat room was free; only shadow children knew it. Luke had a computer but wasn't allowed to use it, it was only for his dads work. When Luke went over there, he got introduced to Carlos, Yolanda, and Sean. Luke pulled over a chair but made sure he wasn't infront of the camera because he was scared that the "Government" might see him. When the morning came Jen went over to Lukes house and said goodbye. Luke was confused and Jen left, then next week Jen didn't signal him at all. Luke went over to Jens house, he disabled the alarm and started calling her name. Her dad came in and told Luke that all of the kids died at the rally. They were all shot on the presidents lawn.



Luke ' Jen


At the begining of the book, Luke was able to go outside in the woods without being seen. Him and his brothers Matthew, and Mark played with eachother.

Matthew and Mark

The hogs that they had to get a rid of.

Rally Gone Wrong

By: Arianna ' McKayla


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