Amoeba project

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Amoeba project

Pond water, mud, 2 mason jars, 6 petri dishes, syringe, microscope, glass slides, motor oil, orange juice




What did we do?

Our Equipment

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

If I grow ameobas in pond water, orange juice, and motor oil, then amoebas in plain pond water will grow the best. I think the amoebas in orange juice will grow 2nd best. I think the amoebas in motor oil will grow the slowest.Motor oil is a pollutant that has a very negative impact on water and marine life and I believe that it will either kill the amoebas or keep them from growing by killing their food (bacteria) in the pond water.I am not as sure about the orange juice. It contains citric acid which might kill bacteria or the amoebas but probably not as badly as the motor oil.


What happened & Why?

Analysis - during the course of the experiment, the amoebas in the oil grew the least, the orange juice grew the second best and the plain water grew the best as I hypothesized. If you look at the graph, the amount increased significantly between the oil and orange juice, but the orange juice and the plain water were relatively close to one another. I used two samples to see if the results were consistent which they were.Conclusion - The plain pond water, the amoeba's natural habitat, seem to have hosted the most amoebas - an average of 40. This supported my hypothesis that the amoebas would grow best without any foreign substances. The orange juice was good with its sugar nutrients, but it also contained citric acid which I think harmed the amoebas - they only averaged 31. That was more amoebas than I expected. The motor oil sample had little to no nutrients, and the chemicals in it are very harmful to the amoebas - they averaged only 13.

How will the presence of another substance in pond water impact the growth rate of amoebas?Research - The best example that I could find was a research paper that studied the effect of a methylene on amoeba growth. Methylene is a carbon compound that is like the carbon compounds in oil. The scientists found that the presence of the methylene did slow down the growth rate of amoebas.Source -

1. Collect water and mud from a pond and put in a sealed jar.2. Expose the jar to sunlight for three days in order to start amoeba growth.3. Use a syringe to put 20ml of pond water (with amoebas) into 3 separate petri dishes4. Add six drops of motor oil to dish 1, add six drops of orange juice to dish 2, and keep dish 3 as control.5. Expose petri dishes to sunlght to foster amoeba growth.6. Use syringe to extract water sample from each petri dish.7. Drop water onto glass slide and cover with another glass slide.8. Put slide under microscope and count amoebas.9. Record data.10. Graph results



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