Amoeba Cell

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Cell Biology

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Amoeba Cell

The most important part of an amoeba might be the pseudopod (pronounce it "sudopod").The psuedopod is used to help the amoeba move, and also to eat. It is a part of the amoeba's body that it can stretch out and pull itself with. Or, to eat, the amoeba stretches out the pseudopod, surrounds a piece of food, and pulls it into the rest of the amoeba's body.


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Amoeba Cell :)

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The Amoeba Cell :)

The inside of an amoeba is a jelly-like fluid called cytoplasm. Bits of food and other materials float around in the protoplasm.

The amoeba cell lives in water, lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and puddles. Some can even live in bodies of animals :O

Amoebas reproduce by binary fission:)~

They spend most of their time attached to the bottom or to plants. Sometimes they float freely in the water. They do this as a "swarm." All the amoebas of the same species will unattach from the bottom or plants and float around until they land in a new place and re-attach.

Amoebas eat algae, bacteria, other protozoans, and tiny particles of dead plant or animal matter.

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