[2014] Alex LaBossiere: Amoeba

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[2014] Alex LaBossiere: Amoeba


By Alex LaBossiere

Definition:amoeba/əˈmiːbə/noun (pl) -bae (-biː), -bas 1. any protozoan of the phylum Rhizopoda, esp any of the genus Amoeba, able to change shape because of the movements of cell processes (pseudopodia). They live in fresh water or soil or as parasites in man and animals

Judging from the definition above, you can probably already tell this protist is pretty cool. Ameobae constantly change their shape by extending a portion of their cytoskeleton into a portion of their plasma membrane. This is called a pseudopodia. And although it is cool, this ability means when you observe an amoeba under a microscope, you're really just looking at some sort of lumpish protist.


-Amoebae are heterotrophs, meaning they eat other organisms to get the energy they need to live-Amoebae are found in ponds or other swamplike areas making their homes on plants suck as a pond lily, common duckweed or even algae- Amoebae are found in every major lineage of eukaryotic organisms

1. When startled, an amoeba will immediatly transform into a star shape2. Amoebae can join together to form a big blob called a slime mold3. Giant amoebae have been found 6.6 miles beneath the surface of the ocean in the Mariana Trench

Fun Amoeba Facts :D

An amoeba at 200X magnification

An amoeba at 400X magnification (Green dye)

An amoeba drawing with labeled parts (aprox. 200X)

"Special Parts" of an Amoeba:

- Pseudopods: temporary "feet" that the amoeba uses to move around and to engulf food- Food Vacuole: a cavity within the amoeba in which food is digested- Contractile Vacuole: a cavity within the amoeba that excretes excess water and waste

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