AML Leukemia

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AML Leukemia

AML Leukemia

Details:AML is a type of cancer that starts in a blood- forming tissue, most common is in the bone marrow. This casuses high numbers of abnormal blood cells to be produced that enter the blood stream.

Background and History:In the past year US citizens that had this type of Leukemia 23,720 have died and there has been 43,610 cases reported. There are very few to none risk factors known for AML. This sickness is known mostly in adults. The first case ever recorded was in 1823, a 63-year-old man was diagnosed.

Diagnose:AML Leukemia is diagnosed with certain signs and sympoms . But tests are always taken to detremine the actual restult. When the tests are showing that you have this form of Leukemia all of your mediacal records are looked over by doctors to see if there could be risk factors or histories of sicknesses that could lead to AML

Symptoms:• Bone pain• Fatigue• Fever• Frequent infections• Pale skin• Susceptibility to bruising• Shortness of breath

Affecting the body :When sick you have frequent nose bleeds and harsh bruises because of secondary diseases that reduce the levels of platelets and causses blood clots. Also Headaches and nusea can come along with it because of irratated tissues form behind the brain and spinal cord

Treatments:Chemotherapy is the treatment for leukemia this kind is called ATRA. Aslo using drugs called Sapacitabine that has a promising improvement and a drug also known as the Inhibitor, this drug keep the proteins and has shown results.

Current Research:Doctors are researching how to kill the Leukemia cells. Drugs such as Arranon and Lymphocide are being studied and may improve the conditions for children with this cancer. Other treatments that are growing is Antibodies, Chemotherapy and Biologically active treatments.

Age: • Rare for people under 20• More found in Men than Women

Affects on daily life:AML Changes your life so much , you go through Chemotherapy and this makes you loose your hair and makes you very weak. You also spend months and months in the Hospital.

Costs: Many resources have said Chemo Treatments can cost up to 100,000 dollars and adding the Hospital bill.


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