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Amina - Melvil Dewey

Melvil Dewey was born in upper New York on December, 10, 1851. He lived in a large poor family, this did not dicourage him though. At the age of 21, he invented the Dewey Decilmal Classificatino system and was also working as an assistant in Amherst library. He also helped found the American Library Association in 1876.

Maker of the Dewey decimal systemEducated at Amherst CollegeLoved and married Annie DeweyVigorously worked to found the American Library Association In 1876 he founded the Library BureauLibrary Journal was edited and made by himDied in Lake Placid Florida 1931Engaged himself as a librarian by creating a library schoolWorked as a librarian most of his lifeEnsured easier access to finding library booksYoungest of five children

Lasting Impact

He cerated the Dewey Decimal system which is used to find books easily in a library.

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