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Amerigo Vespucci

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I Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence Italy 1454. I was the third son of a cultrual family. My father worked as a notary for the wealthy Medici family. During that time I gave myself a nickname, Pickle Dealer. When I became older I went to study with my uncle at the Monestary of San Marco. Although my father wanted me to go into business but I refused. My first job was actually working for the king and queen of Italy. I didn't like that job so I decided to be an explorer.

On May of 1499, I discoverd Brazil and Rio De Janeiro.On May 1501 I discoverd Venezuela.

What I was looking for...

Thanks to Portugal and Spain I made four voyages. They were quite sucsessful if I do say so myself. The reason I made the first voyage is because needed to find a quicker route to the West Indies.Turns out I wasn't even close. The reason I wanted to find this route is because people had to sail all the way there. If I find this route it will be much quicker than doing all that sailing. I will also be famous if I make this journey. Wish me luck!

What I found...

I claimed land for both Spain and Portugal. I actually discoverd a whole continent which we now call South America. When I first came across this continent, I landed in a land which I named Brazil. When I first came across this land, I was sure I'd find something to honor my country. This land was beautiful. I did change the maps twice actually, once in South America. The second time I discoverd Central America. I discovered this country not long after I discoverd South America. It was a bunch of small islands. They were amazing. Unfortunetly I died in 1512 so that was the end of the adventures, but I will be remembered.


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