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Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci

Early Life I was born on March 9,1451 in Florence Italy. When I was young my family was extreamly weathly and I was educated very early. As I was growing up I needed a job and became a merchant. But I really wanted to be a sailor. In 1505 I became a citizion the great country of Spain.


Impact Did you know Saint-die-des-vosges was making a new map and named America after me. After they made maps of America, I improved maps so they showed where South America too. Also I made maps so people knew where spices and gold are.

I started sailing on May 10, 1497. I was sponcered by the great country of Spain/Portagul. My first two voyages were sponcered by King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella. The third voyage I was sponcered by King Manuel 1 of Portagul. Did you know I wasn't looking for Asia. I was looking for the "New World" so I could make maps with them inprove of the "New World"

What he found On my first voyage I got to Venezuela and got there before Christipher Columbus. On my second voyage I went all the way down to Brazil, and parts of Argentia. There I dicovered Rio de Janeiro, Rio de la Plata, Brazil, and finally South America. I also dicovered Amazon, and St. Augustine.

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