Amerigo Vespucci

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Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci1) Amerigo was sent by King Manuel of Portugal. He was invited to do this.2) Amerigo explored through 1497-1504.3) Amerigo was sent to look for land because first off he was a cartographer and because kings and queens wanted goods and new items.4) Some hardships in Amerigo’s way were: He got very sick on his third voyage, He died of Malaria in 1512, and on his voyages there were not a lot of winds to push his ship.5) Amerigo explored mainly through South America and in some of the Caribbean islands.6) Amerigo discovered that South America was actually a whole new continent.7) The impact of Amerigo was that the continent we live in was named after him!


First Voyage- 1497 to 1498 Second Voyage-1499 to 1500 Third Voyage-1501 to 1502 Forth Voyage-1503 to 1504

Found many parts of South america. Did lots of map making for Portaguel.

America was named after Amerigo, because of his important travles of the new land everyone has been told about

Amerigo's Effect on us


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Amerigo Vespucci



The Story of Amerigo


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