America's Champion Swimmer

by ElizabethCoomer
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America's Champion Swimmer

Seat Work-do both

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The test will be assigned on Thursday.

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1. Do LZ1935, And LZ20362. Listen to as you read along to pgs. 88 & 89. Do the write part on pg. 89. Do LZ20623. Listen to the story of Gertrude Ederle once as you read along. Read it on your own also.Do LZ20854. Watch the video assigned to your group. Do LZ21055. Write 10 sentences with your spelling words. 6. Listen to the story assigned from the level readers. 9. Watch the videos assigned on Discovery Ed. Choose one of the Women in Sports to use for your Seatwork assigment.

Quick CodesLZ1935 LZ2036LZ2062 LZ2085LZ2105