[2015] Alyssa Mitchell: American expansion into Cuba

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[2015] Alyssa Mitchell: American expansion into Cuba

American Expansion into Cuba 🇺🇸

"Remember the MAINE! To hell with Spain!" At 9:40pm, on the evening of February 15th, 1898, an explosion of the U.S. battleship Maine stationed in Havana Harbor occurred.

Native's reaction to America's InvolvementCuban rebels burned the sugar cane fields that America heavily relied on. They committed this action in order to catch the attention of the U.S. for help against Spain.

Why was the United States interested in Cuba?The U.S sought after Cuban sugar, tobacco, iron industries and the establishment of properties in order for people to work in their factories to receive money. The U.S got the opportunity to utilize Cuba for its raw materials and a Naval Base for military purposes.

Spanish minister De Lome critiziced American President William Mckinley by proclaiming he is a "weak leader" and a "low politician". This feeds the flame and tension between Spain and the United States.

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The Spanish-American War

The Treaty of Paris of 1898 was an agreement made that resulted in the Spanish Empire's surrendering control of Cuba and giving up Puerto Rico, parts of the Spanish West Indies, the island of Guam, and the Philippines to the United States. There were 400 battle deaths in total after the Spanish-American War.

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The U.S. provided protection for Cuba. While under Spains rule, there were people dying from starvation. America freed Cuba from Spains tyranical grip.


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