American Wirehair

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American Wirehair

American Wirehair

-Similar to the American Shorthair with the exception of a springy, wiry coat, including ear fur and whiskers. Females are generally smaller than males.-They have many colors although Himalayan, Chocolate and Lilac aren't accepted into competition -Golden eye (white that have blue or amber eyes)-Medium to large in size with a well rounded body

Origin: Upstate New York, United States

In 1967 they were recognized by the CFA.In 1978 they were accepted for championship competition.

Shorthair or Longhair? -They are mainly shorthair but they can be longhaired

6-11 pounds

Lifespan: 14-18 years

They are peopleoriented cats, gentle,affectionate, humorous,playful and known to besensitive to people moodsand wills stay close.They are easy tolive with and care for.

They get along with other pets!

Interesting Facts:-American Wirehair Ancestors were orginally bred to protect the family barn from mice.-They love scratching and climbing.-Scientists claim that the wiry coat mutation isn't just distinctive among cats that are bred in North America.-Similar coats characteristics were also seen in felines that lived in the ruins of London after WWII.-Too much brushing can damage the cats hair.


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