American Wars

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Social Studies

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American Wars

The Revolutionary War!!The Revalutinary War was an act on trying to brake from Briton, but the British wanted to stay in controle of the American Setelers. Cause: All the taxes and laws the Britih pased made the setalers angry and aventuwaly they declaired endependence. Outcome: The American setalers won the war with the help from France and Spain, and were free from Briton.

Let Freedom Ring

Civil War!!The Civil War Was when the South withdrew from the Union and the North fought to get the South back in the Union. Cause: The South feard that the New President (Abraham Lincoln) would ban slavery so they left the Union.( to proect their rights) Outcome: The North won the War, and slowly the South rejoined the Union and soon after slavery was abolished.

French and Indian War!!The French were having a war against Great Briton, and moste of the Indians sided with the French during the war but some sided with the British.Cause: The American setalers were taking the Native's land and when they wouldn't give it back they declaired war and the Britis came to help. Outcome: The Freanch lost the war to the British.



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