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American Sign Language Blue

Glogster and Artwork by Jordyn Abrams and Natalie Berg

Many Deaf people get Cochlear implants that help them hear. It is commonly referred to as the Bionic Ear. The Surgery for this procedure takes about two hours and is performed under anesthesia.

Sean Forbes, a Deaf rapper, signed to the Bass Brothers. This record label also helped Eminem eraly in his career.

American Sign Language classes have become more popular throughout the last coupd of years, even highschool have started to offer them as language classes. Colleges now accept ASL as a language that is just as legit as French and Spanish.

Marlee Matlin is an inspiration to all, being a very famous Deaf actress who was even nominated for an Academy Award.

The artwork Jordyn and I created this artwork to further define and help people understnad the Deaf culture better. We feel that this piece of art could spark a new interest in ASL as well as the Deaf culture for several people in teh hearing community. If people understand that American Sign Language is not just a language Deaf people use to communicate, but also represents the unique culture in which they live in.

The sign that is most commonly associated with American Sign Language is the 'I love you' sign.



  • Maddiedoodle2000 9 years ago

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    I kept forgetting T,P,H and W. Haha, but ths showed me. thanks

  • michelhanna 9 years ago

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    Verry Nice
    Would you mind if I use this in my ASL class?