American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

The Molasses Act was the act to limit how much molasses and sugar colonists bought from the west indies. The Sugar Act of 1764 taxed sugar. The Stamp Act of 1765 taxed newspapers, pamphlets, and any signed document. The Boston Massacre was a battle in Boston against the british. The Boston Tea Party was boycott against the Tea Act. The Battle of Lexington and Concord was against the British and the colonists for freedom of Britain.

Money and Authority

1733 - Molasses act1765 - Stamp Act1767 - Townshend Act1768 - British Troops1770 - Boston Massacre1773 - Boston Tea Party1774- Intolerable Acts1775- Lexington and Concord1775- The Battle of Bunker Hill1775- Olive Branch petition1776- Fort Ticonderoga1776- The Declaration of Independence

Disputes over money and authority caused people to start a movement for independence because King George was unfair about taxes and was giving colonists no say in the final decisions. The Boston Massacre was a fight over power because the colonists were upset about the British soldiers. The colonists didn't like his way of ruling because he broke the law and got way with it.

Lasting Impact

This has impacted our lives today because we would be part of Britain and have a king/queen

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My Source List- Google - Wikipedia- History for Our Nation 5th grade text book

The American Revolution

What Happened



Who are the redcoats and how did they have a affect on the revolution?


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