American Revolution

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Social Studies
African-American History

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American Revolution

Before the American Revolution Life for the African Americans before the revolution was brutal. Slaves had no rights! Their owners had the right to do whatever they pleased whether it be to beat, rape and even kill them. While free black men had the right to own property, but were treated like second-class citizens not being able to vote or own firearms.

During the WarAt the beginning of the war some colonies and leaders such as George Washington banned African Americans the right to be a soldier. It wasn't until the Dunmore Proclamation that slaves were finally introduced into the war which gave the opportunity to any slave to be free if they fought for the king. The colonist economy was affected drastically and eventually all African Americans were allowed to fight for the colonist as long as they were loyal to the cause of independence.

Was the American Revolution actually revolutionary for the African-Americans?

Long Term GainsAblolitionist movements which eventually lead to the civil war and the freeing of the slaves.

After the War the northern states, slavery wasnt abolished, it did not completely remove slavery and make them considered as a "real person". Just like in women, the Revolution inspired slaves for equality, freedom and independence that would help them in the future. It affected them because they thought that they were going to have a new path but really they continued with slavery. Slavery continued after the war despite the efforts of African-American soldiers.


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