American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

The seige of Fort Ticonderoga took place in New York. Benedict Arnold was the US commander. The British took control of the fort from the Patriots.

The British lost valuable time on their way to Saratoga on small failed battles. This gave the Patriots time to reinforce their armies and win the battle

The American Revolution

April 19th1775

May 10th, 1775

June 16th,1775

December 26th, 1776

September 19th, 1777

December 29th, 1778

March 29th, 1780

October 9th, 1781

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the start of the wa. It was the shot heard around the world. The Patriots won the battle.

Battle of Yorktown

The Battle of Bunker Hill was an important patriot victory. It proved that the British army could be beat and this would not be an easy war. The world saw that the patriots had a chance.

After the Battle of Trenton, the Patriot army was down in spirits. Facing harsh weather conditions without proper clothing and miles from safety.

The Patriots feebly tried to defend Savannah. The British broke through the line with ease.

The Siege of Charleston gave the British almost complete control of the South. They intercepted a message about when the patriots would deploy their troops and were able to stop them in their tracks.

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