American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

Elijah Clarke*Born 1742 in North Carolina*Moved to GA in 1773*He led the Battle of Kettle Creek in Febuary 14,17 Austin Dabney*Born 1765,Wake County, North Carolina*Georgian slave who served in the place of his master in the Battle of Kettle Creek*For his bravery to figh tin battle as a patriot he earned 50 acres of land

Important People

American Revolution

British laws

Battle of Kettle Creek*Took place on Sunday, Febuary 14,1779*It was to victory by Elijah Clarke*Austin Dabney also helped lead the battle to victory for the patriotsBattle of Lexington*Took place on April 19,1775*This caused the Midnight ride to take place*This was General Gages secret plan

Tea Act*Was enforced in 1773*Reduced tax on tea to encourge the colonists to buy British tea*Colonists felt this was an unfair tax and it led to the Boston Tea PartyIntolerable Acts*Was enforced in 1774*Closed Boton Harbor toa all ships supplies could not be loaded or un loaded*Was passed after what happend at the Boston Tea Party

Important Battles

Important Documents

Important Events

Proclamation of 1763*It was written by King George the third*It prohibited colonists to move West of the Appalacian Mountains*The 2 main goals of this document was to avoid cionflict with the natives and trade more with Great BrtitainThe Declaration of Independence*Was signed by 56 people*It listed reasons why Americans wanted to be independent*Was adopted in July 4,1776

Boston Tea Party*Took place after the Tea Act was passed in December 16,1773*Bostonians disguised as Natives and boarded the ships to dump the tea into the sea*That day they dumped 342 chests worth 75,000 dollarsBoston Massacre*It took place in March 5,1770*People in Boston threatened and harmed British officials that went to collect taxes so the British sent troops*Samuel Adams led the mad citizens

This map shows what the plan was for the Battle of Lexington

In this image Bostonians are protesting against the Tea Act

This document is the Procclamation of 1763

This is Austin Dabney

In this image the Bostonians are fighting against the British in the Boston Massacre

In this image 3 men are discussing the Declaration of Independence

This is Elijah Clarke

This map shows how everything was setup in the Battle of Kettle Creek

In this image the Boston people are dumping the tea

In this image they are discussing the Intolerable Acts


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