American revolution

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American History

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American revolution

The British were forced out of Boston in 1776. Then captured New York City for the time and value of the war. Nearly capturing General Washington and his army, the British prevent goods or people from entering or leaving the ports and captured other cities for short periods, but failed to win Washington's forces. In early 1778, after invading British army from Canada was captured by the Americans, the French entered the war as allies of the United States.

The Stamp Act - 1765The Boston Massacre - 1770The Boston Tea Party - 1773The Convocation of the First Continental Congress - 1774The Battles of Lexington and Concord - 1775The Adoption of the Declaration of Independence - 1776The Battles of Saratoga - 1777The Surrender of Yorktown - 1781The Signature of the Treaty of Paris - 1783

The period after the peace treaty came in 1783 caused debates between nationally minded men like, General George Washington who wanted a strong government. The former group won out the principals approval of a new act on the United States Constitution in 1788. It took the place of the weaker Articles of political units and never ending or changing unions.

American Revolution

Took place between 1765-1783

The American Revolution was a political, violent, disturbance that took place between 1765-1783 during which colonists in the 13th Colonies rejected the British monarchy and nobility overthrew the power of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America.

The Patriots fought the British and loyalists in the American Revolutionary War. Acts of rebellion against British authority began in 1774, when the Patriot Suffolk effectively replaced the royal government of Massachusetts, and restricted British control to the city of Boston. Tensions led to the outbreak of fighting between Patriot militia and British soldiers at Lexington and Concord in April, 1775. Patriots in each of the thirteen colonies made a Provincial Congress that took the place of power from the old colonial governments and put a end to loyalism.

Revoltionary War

Founded America

Important Events of the Revolution

British forced out of Boston

Peace Treaty

The British began colonizing North America in the 17th century. After a long time the colonies along the Atlantic coast were governed by charters requested by the King, each permitting a great amount of self-governance. Crown colonies got rid of the "mixed monarchy", structure of Great Britain. Each had an elected assembly which turned to the lower house of the legislature. A council decided beforehand the crown constituting the upper house, and an appointed governor with ended powers representing the King.

Colonizing North America

Video on the Revolution


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