American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

American Revolution Timeline

Karina Szafraniec

Time Line


Boston Massacre

England increased the tax on tea. The colonists were not happy about it so they boarded 3 ships and dumped all the tea into the Boston Harbor. It was a warning to the king that the colonists were not happy about all the taxes, especially the one on tea.

The men agreed that they would form a real army, appoint George Washington as their leader, and print their own money to pay for it.The colonies were finally becoming more organized.

The British attacked the colonists. The first attack failed. So did the second. Finally they won the third but only because the colonists ran out of ammunition. It proved to the colonists that they could stand up to professional armies if they had enough ammunition

The British were invading and colonists revolted. The first shot of the Revolutionary War was shot. Nobody knows who shot it.


Boston Tea Party


Second Continental Congress



Lexington And Concord

Battle At Bunker Hill

The colonists were pelting ice and snow at the Red Coats and then The Red Coats got really mad so they started shooting at the colonists.This showed the king that they were not happy and were going to rebell.


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