American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

American Revolution

Major Acts that led up to war.The Sugar Act The Currency ActThe Stamp ActThe Quarting Act of 1765The Townshed ActThe Intolerable ActsThe Tea Act

Alliances With AmericaFrance and Spain were alleies with America. Spain supplied troops for them to help fight. France supplied materials and they supplied troops.Alliances With BritishThe Hessins helped supply troops. The Hesisins adored the British.

1754-1763The French and Indian WarThis war was the French and the Indians against the British. It started because the English government tried to tax the French and tried taking the Indians land.

Paul Revere's RidePaul Revere and William Dawes were watching for the British to come because the Paitriots knew they were coming. When William saw that they were coming by boat he put two lanterns on top of the chapel. Paul Revere seen those lanterns he jumped on his horse and rode through the town wakeing people and parpareing them to fight.

The Boston MassacreThe Boston Massacre was a street fight that occurred on March 5, 1770, between a "patriot" mob, throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks, and a squad of British soldiers. Several colonists were killed and this led to a campaign by speech-writers to rouse the ire of the citizenry.

The Declaration of IndependenceThis very important document was apart of ending the Revolutionary war. It was a sign of independence for the Americans. There were fifty-four signers of the Declaration of Independence. Most of these people were important. One of them was the first president of the unitied states, George Washington.

Battles Beneficial for BritishBattle of Bunker HillBattle of QubecThe Seige of CharlestonThe Battle of Camden

Valley Forge Valley Forge was the military camp in southeastern Pennsylvania, 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia, where the American Continental Army spent the winter of 1777–1778 during the American Revolutionary War. There were many struggles and many people died becasue of harsh winter and malnutrition.

Battles Beneficial for PatiotsBattle of ConcordBattle of Fort TiconderogaBattle of TrentonBattle of PrincetonBattle of Saratoga


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