American Revolution

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American Revolution

"Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne took 600 wagons to Saratoga Springs; 30 were his own luggage.

The Blue team does not have to capture the Red's Flag to win.The Red team must walk slowly to the field.The Blue team greatly outnumbers the Red.The White team must decide whether or not to join the Blue team.

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After the victory in Saratoga, the rebels' number of troops increased from 9,000 to 15,000!

Wow, the rebels are really fighting back the British! I should join in so I can get my revenge.

Washington revises his battle strategy. Instead of grouping up and losing many lives, he hoped to wear the British out.

The Battle of Saratoga marks the turning point in the war. It convinced the French they could safely enter the war on the Rebels' side.

October 17, 1777John Burgoynesurrenders to Washington's forces.

When John Burgoyne's troops finally reached Saratoga Springs, Gates' militia greatly outnumbered Burgoyne's troops. Although the great disadvantage Burgoyne still order an attack. Again and again, Burgoyne's troops were beaten back and eventually, Burgoyne had to surrender.

As Burgoyne's fleet advance south, the Americans chopped down trees as barricades and took shots from the forest at his army.

Capture the Flag

News of the victory in Saratoga instantly boosted American morale greatly.

After the first battle, the British forces shrunk from 7,200 to 6,600.


General Horatio Gates led the militia to victory at Saratoga.

Burgoyne would've had much more men to fight with, but General William Howe had different ideas. His fleet of troops went towards Philadelphia.

Benedict Arnold was considered a hero during the Battle of Saratoga, before he led to preforming traitorous acts in favor of the British.

British forces under Burgoyne's control suffered apporximately 600 casualties.


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