American Revolution

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American History

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American Revolution

The American Revolution

This type of glog project would be great for my American History classes. Students could create multi-media timelines to demonstrate their understanding of the events of the war. This could serve as a final assessment for the unit.

Time Line


The French and Indian War Ends

The Boston Tea party was an act of rebellion by the colonists. A group of Bostonians dressed up like Native Americans boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped the cargo of tea into the harbor. This was in response to the Tea Act.

Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence, which formally severed ties between the 13 colonies and Great Britian.

After the war was won, a new government had to be created for the new United States of America. The first attempt, the Articles of Confederation, were too weak, so they called the Constitutional Convention to write the Constitution that we still use today!

Marquis de Lafayette was a Frenchman that volunteered his services to help train and fight with the American colonists against Britain.

In addition to the help of the French, there were other unconventional players in the war. Francis Marion, a patriot from South Carolina, formed his own band of men to fight using guerilla warfare tactics. This type of fighting was very effective against the highly disciplined British military who were accustomed to formal battle warfare, not hit and run tactics.

After fighting alongside the British during the French and Indian War, many colonists were unhappy with the outcome and the terms the king agreed to in the Treaty of Paris.


The Boston Massacre


The Declaration of Independence is signed



The American Revolution Ends

The Constitution is Ratified

Assignment ExplanationFor your assignment, you will create a Glog about the French Revolution. You must include at least 5 events from the list provided. For each event, you must include the date, name of the event, a brief explanation, and an image or video.


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