American Revolution

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American Revolution

The American Revolution was a long fought war for independence between regular citizens and a rich and power global power. But how did African-Americans contribute? What were the effects of their contributions?

Contributions to the American Revolution:

Contributions Before the War:The vast majroity of African Americans were slaves. This ment they had no rights and were treated like second class citizens.Crispus Attucks (a former slave) was the first victim of the Boston Massacre in 1770, which encouraged others (even whites) to stand up againist the well-armed British soldiers just as he did. Four years later, in 1774; African-Americans asked Massachusetts Govenor Thomas Gage to abolish slavery, which convinced them to fight for them during the Revolution.


The American Revolution(1775-1783)

Effects After the War (Immediate):After the war, African-Americans were sllowed to join the Continental Army freely. Many of them worked as cooks, gun crew members, and powder boys in the Navy. People who performed well during the war were awarded with extra pay. Slaves who enlisted were given their freedom. Unfourtnately, racism stayed around, but that didn't stop African-Americans from living their free lives.

Long Term Effects:African-Americans that served during the war were given their freedom. Slavery would begin its downfall. The slave trade was halted in 1807. Even slavery was banned in mainland Britain, and if requested the British sent back slaves to the shores of Africa. Once the "Northern Territory" was created by the US, slavery would no longer be allowed there. The war clearly showed the ideas of enlightnment at its height, and would allow the black society to truly live free.

Contributions During the War:Without freedom, African-Americans were treated poorly. When the revolution began, both sides needed people to fight for them. The British and American forces both offered freedom in exchange for fighting for either side. This lead the majority of African-Americans to join the service to fight for their freedom.


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