American Revolution Timeline

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American Revolution Timeline


1763The proclamation of 1763 was set in place after the French and Idian war. This stated colonist coud move west of Applachians.

1770Boston massacre was a fight between a group of protesters and british soldiers. This resulted in the death of 5 protesters.

1773The Tea act was a law passed by the parliment that put a tax on tea.

1773The Boston Tea Party is when patriots dressed like natives and dumped tea into the boston harbor.

LoyalistsThey were American colonist who stayed loyal to the king throughout the Americn Revolution.

Thomas JeffersonHe was the author of the Declaration of Indepence and was also the 4th President of America.

1776The Declaration Indepence stated the 13 colonies independent which gained them France as an Allicance.

1774The Intolerable acts happened as an effect of the tea party. After a while of these acts, war had begun.

1775The Batte of lexington took place and this was believed to be when the first shots were fired.

1779The Battle of Kettle creek was led by Elijah Clarke and was when Georgia officially turn on Great britian.

King George#3 He was the King of Great Britian, during the Seven years and the American Revolution.

HessiansThese were German Soldiers who fought with the british army during war.

PatriotsThey were colonists who went against Great Britian.


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