American Revolution Timeline

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American History

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American Revolution Timeline

December 26, 1776

American Revolution Timeline

April 19, 1775

October 19, 1781

May 10, 1775

October 7, 1777

June 27-28, 1778

June 17, 1775

January 17, 1781

August 27, 1776

Battle of LexingtonLexington Green, Massachusetts

Battle of Bunker HillBunker Hill,Charleston, Massachusetts

Battle of TrentonTrenton, New Jersey

Battle of MonmouthMonmouth, New Jersey

Battle of YorktownYorktown, Virginia

Battle of ConcordConcord, Massachusetts

Battle of Fort TiconderogaFort Ticonderoga, New York

Battle of Long IslandBrooklyn Heights, Long Island, New York

Battle of SaratogaSaratoga County, New York

Battle of CowpensCowpens, South Carolina


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