[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): American revolution

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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): American revolution

What happenFebruary 6,1778

On the afternoon of this dayin 1777,General Sir WilliamHowe and General charlesconrnwallis launch a fultscale British attack on General George Washingtonand the patriot outpost atbrandywine creek near chadds ford in Delaware county,pennsylvaria,on theroad linking Baltimore andphiladelphia.


British general and playwright John brurgoynesurrenders 5,000 British andHessian troops to American Generai Horatio gates at saratog a,New york on thisday in 1777.

During the American warfor Inderendence,representatives from the united states and France sign the treaty of Amity and commerce and the treaty ofAliance in paris.

The battle of camden in southcarolina was a lopsided forthe British during the American Revolutionary war.Despite the proliferation ofdysentery amony his men,continental General Horatiogates choes to engage Britishgeneral charles cornwallis'sforce on the morning of August 16,1780

What happenAugust 16,1780

What happenOctober 17,1777

What happen in September 11,1777


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