[2014] Hayley W: American revolution

by cemacdonald
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Social Studies

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[2014] Hayley W: American revolution

Accomplishmentsfor the british

Why did the british lose

Accomplisments for the american

American Revolution

Who started it all?

Here is a video

700 British troops marched into lexington to find 77 armed minutemen under captian John parker waiting for them on the towns common green.

they were the best armied and the best trained, to win they had to bulled there way into the military but king george the 3rd bulled his way into the military, with the coloines when the price of it would have been less costly and much more effected with the american colonies

One of the accomplishments for the British is that they won aganist the french in euorpe. Another one is they won the 4th battle which was the battle offailed invasion of quebec.

One of the accomplisments for the american is they won the 8th battle which was the battle of yorktown.

What happened in Yorktown?

In 1781 George Washington commanding a force of 17,000 french and continental, that begins the Battle of Yorktown. Earlier, in a stroke of luck for the patrots,the french fleet commanded by francois, count de Grasse, departed St.Dominque.


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