American presidents

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American History

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American presidents

- Born in Yorba Linda, California- All family membes worked to make ends meet- Went to Duke for Law School- Served in the Navy during WW2- Elected to Congressman in 1946- Elected to Senator in 1950- Elected to Vice-President in 1952- Elected to President in 1968

Domestic Policy

Southern Strategy - Win elections by gaining support of people anti-African American sentimentHigh inflation - Nixon takes US off the Gold StandardEnvironment: Nixon pushed congress to establish the EPAOther accomplishments:Abolished military draft

Foriegn Policy


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Richard Nixonand Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford

Ford promised to take the country's economy out of the dumps and take the heat off the Watergate scandal. Congress demanded more power that Nixon took from them. The American public demanded honesty from the government.Pardoned Nixon completely from all the crimes and scandals that he committed. Creates controversy with the American public.


Nixon improved relations with communist countries but always be remembered as "that president with the big scandal"



Peace with Honor: Trying to end the war by means of diplomacy not aggressivelyVietnamisation: giving more responsibility to the South Vietnamese troops by training them and pulling US troops out of Vietnam-Tended to do many things very secretly.Detente: the thawing of the Cold War-SALT I: talks between USSR's Leonid Brevnez and US's Richard Nixon tthat led limits on the amount of nuclear weapons each of the two countries could have1973 OPEC Oil Crisis: Many high export countries in the Middle East stopped selling oil to the USA - led to oil prices to skyrocket

Scandal: Centered around Nixon and his attempt to cover up a burglary of The Watergate Office Complex in Washington D.C.Resignation: With the support from Congress gone, Nixon was on the verge of being impeached. He resigned before his impeachment could take place.



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