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american journeys

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American Journeys

Lewis & Clark

The Trail of Tears

In 1835 a treaty sold Cherokee lands to the U.S. because of the diiscovery of gold. American Indians were forced from their lancestral home and walked to new indian territories . The conditions were harse and 4,000 Cherokees died on their 'Trail of Tears' Many other tribes were relocated. The National Historical Trail of Tears is 2,200 mailes and runs through nine states.

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Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. Born on a mountain top in Tennessee,Greenest state in the land of the freeRaised in the woods, so's he know ev'ry treeKilt him a b'ar when he was only threeFought single-handed through the Injun warTill the Creeks was whipped and the peace was in storeWhile he was handling this risky choreMade himself a legend forevermoreWent off to Congress and served a spellFixing up the government and laws as wellTook over Washington, so I hear tellAnd patched up the crack in the Liberty BellHe give his word and he give his handHis Injun friends could keep their landThe rest of his like he took the standThat justice was due every redskinned manWhen he came home, his politickin' doneThe western march had just begunSo he packed up his gear and his trusty gunAnd lit out grinnin' to follow the sunHe heard of Houston and Austin and soTo the Texas plain he just had to goThere freedom was a fightin' another foeAnd they needed him at the Alamo

Sacagawea - Who is she?

Johnny Appleseed'sreal name was John Chapman. He Traveled through the mid-west and planted apple trees everywhere he went.

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