American Indians

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American Indians

Amerindian is a group of people created by Americans + Indians which existed in Mexico thousands of years ago. Mexico nowadays is the home of more than 20 million Amerindians which had more than 50 tribes and speaking almost 60 different languages. These Amerindians live in a community in all of Mexico and they have their own village which use the hiearchy system. This system categorize people based on their status and level in the society. These people have a lot of different religions. For example a few of them are Drum Religion, Waashat Relgion, etc. These people are usually farmers who raise crops for themselves and their family.

Amerindians in Mexico

Amerindian tribes have a very interesting way to party. These people honor their Amerindians tradition by celebrating feast day. It include dances in a unique costumes and sacred ritual depends on the tribe. Corn, bufallo and deer dances are commonly used dances. Each of these dances tells a different story of the pueblo's history and culture. These dances are consider prayer and dancers wear costumes that are not only decorative but includes feathers, jewelry, etc. To make the celebrations more fun, these people also added drum beats or they also used pinon smoke.

American Indians (Amerindians)

Feast Day

There are many groups of Amerindians that live in Mexico and here are some popular, well known group of Amerindians in Mexico. For example the Nahuas which is the descendants of the Aztecs have a population of more than 2 million people. They live in central Mexico and speak a language called Nahault. The next largest group is the Mayas with more than 1 million people. They live in Chiapas and Yucatan. Mexico also have different group of Amerindians that spreads all over the country.

Groups of Amerindians


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