American Indians 2

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Social Studies

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American Indians 2

Amerindians wear very bright and funny looking clothes. Their clothes are very decorative and colorful. Each tribe have their own way of clothing. Some tribe don't have that much color on their clothes but some tribes put a lot of color on their clothing. Some tribe even put jewelry and feather onto their clothes because they think it looks better and it is a symbol for them.


Amerindians food are very simple. This is because of the lack of knowledge in the cultures. These people from back then are just hunting and planting to feed themselves so the diversity in their food aren't that much. One of an example is fry bread. These are breads that are baked in a horno also known as an outdoor oven. These breads are simply like a pizza dough that are deep fried. You can treat fry bread as a pizza because you can put different ingredients on it if you want to.


Human Environment Interaction

There aren't real big issue about Human Environtment Interaction because these people or tribe live spreading out and they don't really do anything big to affect the environment. There might be some issues like the unbalance spreading of these people because they take over the land and affecting the land. Or other issues like planting or deforestation because these tribes are spreading out beacuse their populations are increasing.


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