American Indian Day

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American Indian Day

American Indian Heritage Day

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Native Americans are the descendants of the aboriginal, indigenous, native people who were the original inhabitants of the United States

StandardSS 12.1.2.bAnalyze the significance and benefits of patriotic symbols, songs, holidays, and activities--American Indian Day.


Playing traditional games on National Indian Heritage Day

-Native Americans have greatly impacted the what's the U.S. today-Ceremonies, parties, flyers and festivals are held to recognize and inform the public how important Native Americans are-Schools educate students by inviting keynote speakers, shows, and having fun activities/games. -Recognized in all states, few, like Maryland see it as state holiday--no school or work for the day

Spreading the WordKeynote speakers (tribal member) spread knowledge on their daily lives and family traditions, along with tribal stories and spiritual rituals.

Native Americans have become successful in many career paths, like: medicine, agriculture, music, language and art



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