American Imperialism

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American Imperialism

American Imperialism

through cartoons!

U.S EAGLEThis political cartoon shows how the U.S has expanded from 1798 to 1898. It shows the idea of manifest destiny as America's representive eagle hovers over the United States and many other parts of the world.

WORLD POWERIn the cartoon on the left, a woman is seen looking in a mirror, admiring her hat which says "WORLD POWER." She is also wearing a blue jacket with stars which seems to represent the American flag. This cartoon appears to show that at this time in America, even the woman knew about the U.S expanding and that we had much control.

WHAT TO PICKBelow, is a cartoon in which America's firgure, Uncle Sam, is looking at a menu to chose from. Included on the menu are Cuba Steak, Porto Rico Pig, Phillippine Floating Islands and Sandwich Islands. Uncle Sam says "Well, I hardly know which to take first!" This demonstrates how confident the U.S is becoming in controlling other countries around the world.

Trouble in ControlIn the above cartoon, it shows a man standing with children causing problems and fighting. The older man seems to represent U.S while each of the children are Cuba, Hawaii, Phillippines and Porto Rico. The U.S is impacted by trying to control these colonies in the way that each of them causes wars and wants to be independent.

Kaitlynn Luffman

ExpansionIn this political cartoon above, Uncle Sam is shown throughout many years. As the United States gains states and colonies, Unlce Sam grows larger. He grows up with the grand idea of manifest destiny and other countries such as France, Russia and Italy are anxious to be on friendly terms with him.

ON TOP OF THE WORLDAbove, is a cartoon of Uncle Sam riding a bike and the world are his wheels. In the backround is a horse walking slowly while Uncle Sam is flying by and taking control. He is riding away from the horse because the United States is imperializing and does not need a horse. We have the power.

DominationOn the left is a cartoon that appears to be a map of the U.S but if a second look is taken, it is Uncle Sam shouting at Cuba. The U.S has taken control over many colonies and Cuba wants independence but America keeps interfering.

U.S PORTRAITShown above is a cartoon that represents America's new family portrait. Uncle Sam and four other people are in the picture to represent America, Cuba, Porto Rico, the Phillippines and Hawaii. America's values are shown in the way that Uncle Sam is much bigger and is clearly in control.

And that is how America imperialized and took control

through cartoons!


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