American Ideals

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American Ideals

This picture shows that everyone is equal on the inside no matter what race, religion, or sexuality they may be. We may still be fighting for this to be seen in some areas, but it is a battle people are willing to fight for in the US, such as the soldiers did for the abolition of slavery on placard 2C. Everyone is equal and should be able to enjoy things as much as everyone else such as black entertainer Bessie Smith on placard 2H.

American Ideals

Have we lived up to them?

This image shows women protesting for their right to vote. Today, women have just as much of a right to vote as men, as goes the same for anyone of any race or sexuality. African Americans faced racial injustice just because of their skin color during the Civil Rights Movement as shown on placard 2M. The US has overcome these problems today thankfully. There are some rights that come with being born in the US, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and the youth of the 1970's expressed them loudly such as shown on placard 2N as are these women in their protest.

This picture of the Statue of Liberty is an American statement of just that: liberty. When people see it, they are reminded that the US is a country built on the belief of freedom and Americans fought hard for it such as the colonists during the Boston Massacre on placard 2B. On placard 2Q, there are two big streams of light shining up from where the World Trade Centers were. 9/11 was a big reminder that it is a constant fight for freedom.

This is a picture of wagon trains of settlers jumping toward opportunity during the move out west. These settlers gave up nearly everything to pursue the American dream, much like the mother and her children on placard 2I did during the Great Depression. Luckily for the pioneer settlers, many of them got the land they were looking for - for free! - and were prosperous. Throughout history, Americans have moved together in hopes of a better and happier life; some eras were successful, such as the pioneers and the Americans living in suburbs after WWII on placard 2L. Others didn't turn out so good, such as the Great Depression.

This is an image of an "I Voted" sticker. In the United States, citizens have the right to vote for their representatives in government. They vote on proposals for new laws and for new officials and politicians. This type of government is a democracy, and it is something Americans fought and died for, as shown on the Veterans' Memorial on placard 2O. Americans also believe that everyone else in the world should have a say in what goes on in their government, and they'll fight for other peoples too, as shown on placard 2K during the Berlin Air Lift.


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American Ideals



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