American History

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American History

Boston Massacre: March, 1770. British soldiers fired into a crowd of Boston colonists; killed Crispus Attucks

Sugar Act (1764): tax on molasses, sugar, wineStamp Act (1765): taxed items like playing cards, legal documents, newspapers. Colonists had to pay the tax and those items were then stamped.Intolerable Acts (1774): British response to the Boston Tea Party; closed the port of Boston.

Albany Plan of Union: Idea from Ben Franklin that the colonies should unite to fight during the French and Indian War

Battle of Yorktown: final battle of the American Revolution. Lord Cornwallis surrenders to the Colonists.

Boston Tea Party (1776): as a response to the taxes, Boston colonists dressed like Native Americans and dumped tea into Boston Harbor.

Battle of Saratoga (1777): considered the turning point in the Revolution


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